General Life is a  run by
Tommaso Dell’Anna, Federico Floriani, Giulio Scalisi and Cesare Alemanni, based in via Gaffurio 8, Milan



Two Artists [...] is General Life’s first solo show, featuring two full–sized artists made of clay and wood and a 2,5 meters high stick insect filming their comparison with a smartphone, live streamed on Instagram.

The show was only visible through the studio’s window, with a mirror reflecting the scene to the viewer in an homage to Diego Velasquez’s painting, Las Meninas

Final Fantasy I is a circular table featuring a fiberglass tabletop with an apocaliptic decoration made with a blue sharpie, and three inox steel legs covered with foam rubber

Steady Flosho is a led lamp with a stone base tied together with some leafs and a cigarette by a synthetic blue belt.  The arc is made up by three aluminum slats and a black and yellow electric cable

Flosho Ammuro is the wall version of Stady Flosho, featuring the same led lamp and aluminum slats and a steel plate for wall hanging

Gregory Foam is a table featuring a wooden tabletop covered with a blue laminated surface,
a plastic leg with a spray–painted decoration, and a gothic wooden arc covered with a blue cord and some stapled foam rubber

Emily Foam is Gregory Foam’s sister table, featuring the same wooden tabletop, hand painted on the borders, two smaller, decorated plastic legs and a stiletto shaped third leg, similarly covered with stapled foam rubber

Post–Baby Body is tubular metallic chair decorated with glued cigarettes, leafs and a wire–cut foam rubber cushion

New Norman is a series of illustrations depicting various emotional General Life’s state of mind

Bllandy’s is a series of photographs and spray–painted illustrations highlighting the alienation of contemporary Milanese life

Generally Forever is a series of video–advertising content made for General Life’s Instagram

Beoxebeo is a series of chairs renderings, each one with a dedicated soundtrack